My feeling’s overflowing into a crack at the back of my brain
My heart pumps with rigorous emotions
My blood is engulfed with sorrow
My eye’s blinded by ever flowing tears
I clinch my chest in a effort to catch a breath
My lung’s can’t give way to new life

When I am gone shed no tear for me
When I am gone speak no ill of me
Always listen to my sorrow in the wind
Hear the soft voice of the river
Following along side my deep rooted emotions
Aligne my dream’s to the stars

Smile it will cost you nothing
I learned to laugh my sorrow away
To be pulled within myself
To savour my emotions
Has been my life’s mission
My journey to sanity
Realizing my mortality

I try to shield my myself from the world
In a sea of emotions
Barely keeping my head above water
I backstroke avoiding my reflection
I am simply drowning in my own emotions

I am not revolutionary
Keeping my hair nappy
I am revolutionary
For staying afloat in a sea of my emotions
At times I feel little feet dancing in my eye bone
They call it stress
But I am always complimented
On how I wear my stress too well

My life on an invisible stage
All my scenes unseen
Without my musk
I am nothing…. āœ˜āœ˜āœ˜


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