My hairy crown

My hair my crown

A basis of controversy and debate, the punchline to every black joke everybody seems to have an opinion of how I should wear it

My hair the basis of African identity Mama put relaxer in it because it was always a battle every morning to run a comb through my hair she said her fingers always played hide and seek in my nest

My hair strong as can be but it can never be considered beautiful compared to a Brazilian, Indian or White girls hair.   

                                      [Source: KirzArt ]

 Black women are always on a quest to find good hair.                                    Throwing buckets and buckets of money every month to look good for a man who never notice

A black women’s head has gone through a struggle of it’s own.     Never mind slavery and apartheid.   White folk have always been scared of the kinkiness of my locks.               Where private schools consider my hair against their rules and regulations.                                                 Google considers my untamed bush unprofessional.                                         

During slavery my hair determined my price, the straighter my hair was the higher my price ,the kinkier my hair the lower the price.                         

In the 1800s 

Without the combs and herbal treatments used in Africa, slaves rely on bacon grease, butter and kerosene as hair conditioners and cleaners.

Even with the abolishment of slavery,the stereotypes remain whites look upon black women who style their hair like white women as well-adjusted.

A black woman is always conflicted Bowing to the preference of society Hot combs

Madame C.J. Walker develops a range of hair-care products for black hair. She popularizes the press-and-curl style. Some criticized her for encouraging black women to look white.

Straight hair symbolizes bowing to oppression.                                                Straight hair makes white people relaxed.                                                  Straight hair  makes you a sellout to your people.                                            Straight hair means you are not African enough

Kinky hair makes you a revolutionary                                   Kinky hair means you are not high maintenance.                                        Kinky hair makes you ugly.                   Kinky hair earns you respect in the eye’s of black men,earns you nasty looks from girls who slay

Momma falling under the white men’s stipulations.                                 But I am not my hair

I am not my skin

I am not your expectations

I am beautiful with a my natural hair, relaxed hair or a weave.               I will emancipate myself from the slavery and expectations of society my own way
Please cease having debates about my hair.                                              Please stop deciding the kind of person I am ,based on my hair.           My hair doesn’t make less approachable.                                            My hair is mine alone

Not yours!                         


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