Happiness a feeling.that is quite revolting to those like me.a myth such as the female orgasm.happiness comes only in a blink of an eye,again it departs without as much as goodbye. It is what we pursuit, we end up binding ourselves for our eternity searching for it.welling to sacrifice our own in hopes so that another’s happiness would leave us fulfilled. Happiness an emotion that comes with wrinkles, yet you can’t help but smile.I would hope that happiness was easily pertained, yet many will spent the rest of their lives never knowing true happiness.
They will chase it,in some other body they’ll hope to find but true happiness could melt it all.but what is it anyway, show me that roadmap
Lead me to the greener pastures….
Away from a fairytale
Away from searching eyes
Away from duped ears
And towards open eyes
With sight as ammunition


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