Ignorant granddaughter

So my great grandma passed on yesterday.I came to the realisation that I never met her or if I did I don’t remember her. I am almost certain she like everybody else didn’t know me. Being an introvert has robbed me of so many Hello’s ,so many visits and getting to know people.

Only a hand full of people know of me.To many it’s always a surprise when they hear of my existence. Their go to comment is always “she looks so much like her father”.My existence is simply solidified by another beings existence. All my life I have been tied down to someone, I always belong to someone if not Mama, it’s my sister and now I even belong to my nephew and niece.

I am not certain if I should go to the funeral, because I would be a stranger in a circle of people who share the same blood as me. I don’t know if I can even master a tear.

To the woman who birthed my grandma, the woman I never met…

I bid you farewell

May your soul rest in peace

May we finally meet in heaven one day.


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