Haunted house

I feel like a haunted house on hollows night

Like the main attraction

The attention is on me
I am deceiving both my body and soul
Trying not to sink in this waves of deceit
In this game called life  you have to be tactful but also have the will to fight
It’s not easy living in limbo
With two faced people as your companion
I feel like a haunted house
Greatly appreciated
Yet somewhere deep within I know the attention will thin
Try not to be attached
Let nothing break you
Keep your head down maybe just maybe you will leave with your mind, body and soul intact..
Maybe you can still be yourself
Haunted house let   your glory never end
May your soul never perish
May your heart linger on
Be bountiful like harvest in the spring
When your leaves dry up in the fall you will know it is the end


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