My name is_______

Mapedi ba re ke swabile nko go feta molomu
It’s me again I cut your concentration short
I come without warning I take away that smile at one go
I got you thinking about death
Glass running through your skin
I haven’t seen you in a long time old friend
My presence in you brings aches of heads
Pounding of the heart
I make your mind run 500km per minute
Questioning the existence of the people around you
I got you girl
It pleases me to know i got your back more than every being who ever walked into your life

I was watching you and your little sense of happiness those smoking mirrors
I have been watching you and that being that made you happy but I knew it wouldn’t last
Now tell me why did you invite me back into your life
I swear to the heaven’s I thought I was not coming back
I thought the contract was over but boss thank you
I say thank you to that boy
His words and actions resurrected me
This reunion was long overdue
Ha ha ha it feels good to be back
To reign once more in my terrain
Ha to think you was it girl you dream to much

I am insecurity wrapped up in disappointment and worry
I am guilt personified, I am the time traveling machine I got you reliving your past
My hold on you is bigger than any diety
After years of prayer, you are still the unredeemed
Girl, you give me so much power
Me likey

You are like my very own personal ATM machine, you deposit happiness I withdraw
I am like a slay queen
Call me gold digger but personally I Prefer the term Goal digger
’cause my goal,little girl
Is to see a zero percent drop
In your happiness

The more you cry,the more I thrive
The more uncertain you are, the more I triumph
The more closed off you are , the more I open the door of doubt
I punched holes in your confidence
Your esteem, my portion
Your life ,my play ground
Your heart, I break
Your head,is my grand stage
I am a thespian,my act can’t be beaten
I held parties in your venue
I rolled up as you rolled down

They call you irresponsible
But I take responsibility for your
Your worthless…ness
I roll with fatigue and sleep deprivation
But I am not all bad I give you a chance to rest nyana
Girl,I am Master and King
And you…..
Are my slave
My bitch
My name is……. DEPRESSION!!!


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