My love and you

You said you loved me
And I felt the same but my mouth could not say the words that could soothe you, put your wild thoughts to rest and make you feel apprieciated

The day you left me
Standing in the most sarine
Tranquil nature under the Scortching Sun
My habit of getting instantly telepathic when I have something
Important to say kicked in
In my minds eye I communicated a special message to you

You looked at me defeated and pissed
I looked like I was inconsiderate
Of your feelings
You see I was way aloof back then
Too disconnected ,to be connected to you…So much so you couldn’t hear my words that I couldn’t mouth
Your face haunts me

Everytime someone says the dreadful words that made me lose you, I hear your voice
I am defeated
In surrender I say the dreadful three words…
But its you its meant for
I love you
I still do its like a burning sensation in my heart…
I may never have you back
But I will be okay
I am saying to you
So I rest okay.

This three words might be 6 years too late ,a little too late
The brain waves have reached my hands, now I hope it reaches you
I love you
They say if you love someone let them go, now I let you go
I free you from my thoughts
It will take time but eventually I will free you from my heart
But you are the greatest love
I ever known
Those who came after you
Can atest to your haunting presence
Yet they dont know why

I am not the type that imagines weddings, but when I imagine
My wedding day, i see you at the end of the isle
But then again
It’s just a stupid,dream bordering on insipid…
Love bordering on obsession
But one thing for sho my life will be bleague without you


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