Scribbled notes on the floor
Garments spread out on the Ground
Fragments of your broken self
The mirror itself does not recognize you
You have become nothing short of a monster

Reality has become an illustration of your worst nightmares
Conniving in impunity
No impulse to stop your evil deeds
Heart cold as ice
These are the least of your favorite things

Wishes are for the one’s with hope
Those without fall into oblivion
Oblivious to the reality which surrounds them
Then you realize life is like a dream
A stage sorta
Out of touch
Out of sight
As fear became her
She hides her shame in the dark
She has been here before
Uncertain of everything, everyone, everyday

Somehow the rage has taken over
She lost herself
Red, red, red Blood
She bleeds outside in

What world do you live in?
Welcome to her world
Goodbye you don’t want to stay
Let yourself go
What else are you going to fight for?
You got no one, nothing but your weak heart
Heartbeat fading away
So is her vision
Her mission and her true self
She has becomes a vulture
Preying on the vulnerable
Weak and kind like her old
Like her true self

One she hides with layers of
The fucken Strong independent woman bullshit
Open up ahhh….
They say your weakness
Boom you are dead
Down for the count
She makes them buy the bullshit. True, its as strong as an iron armour
But the heart is weak
Long gone are the days she used to cry
Pillow soaked in tears
Wrist bleeding from self inflicted wounds

Let’s face it physical pain is hurts less
Emotional pain cuts deep
Not easy to heal
But push them away
They do not what they do


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